Marissa Mayer tapped for top Yahoo job

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  1. News broke on Monday afternoon that Google executive Marissa Mayer had been wooed to arch-competitor Yahoo, prompting exclamation points from around the Internet. AT the risk of causing controversy over who broke the story, it appears to have broken first in the New York Times’ Dealbook blog:
  2. Shortly afterward, BetaBeat published a headline that better reflected what the tech world was thinking:

  3. Mayer was one of the more prominent faces of Google at public events and frequently represented the company on talk shows and news programs.
  4. Reaction to the announcement in social media circles ranged from shock to a confidence that Mayer can restore the exclamation point to the struggling search company, whose executives ranks have been wracked by instability in recent years.
  5. Todd Olmstead
    Pretty huge news that Yahoo! has brought in Google’s Marissa Mayer as its new CEO. She’ll also join their board.

    In the story, reported first by DealBook, she calls Yahoo! “one of the best brands on the Internet.”

    Agree or disagree?

  6. Ted Drake
    This is a great move for Yahoo. I hope this brings a new spirit to the low morale.
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  • Chris Lau

    BBC thinks Yahoo can restore itself if it does this:
    1. Rally the troops
    2. Improve financial performance
    3. Focus
    4. Collaborate
    5. Jettison non-core businesses

    “Social bar” was cited as a way to engage users/advertisers/social circle between facebook/yahoo.

    Yahoo makes a lot more revenue per ad engagement than facebook and other SM sites, but its user-base is shrinking. It is not impossible for yahoo to find ways to grow, but the company needs a leader who knows how to move all the pieces in a way that rights yahoo’s ship.

    As a yahoo user (archaic-sounding, I know), yahoo should look at ways to better-integrate Flickr with its yahoo divisions. Competitors have innovated photo-content in ways that Flickr could have done so too. If yahoo does to flickr to yahoo what Pinterest did (for example), we’re looking at an entirely different companies a year from now.

    • Bruce Stewart

      Good thoughts on Yahoo!’s future. I’ll add one more: where they’re still strong is news, a place where Google is only so so and the rest nowhere really at all.

      Making it so that you have multi-sourced news, story trees, social surround, flickers from citizens, etc. could make for a very interesting company indeed.