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I was watching the coverage of the US Presidential election on TV last night, and presumably many (or most) of you were too.  I flipped channels for a while but eventually settled on the CNN broadcast.

I have to admit I was very impressed by what they were doing to consolidate and display results, to show the progress and to highlight trends.  I have no opinion on the people involved, just on the systems.  In fact, one reason I stopped changing channels was the “wow” factor – how they were using the technology, which to me beats most of what you may have seen on Star Trek!

A few things I remember that were impressive – large size touch screens, wiping pages back and forth, changing colours with a tap, zooming in to the county level, access to historical and real-time data, and other items that have slipped my mind (it was midnight after all).

I was also fascinated to see how fast John King was able to use the display while also talking and thinking about what to say……very well done.

While we may all start to focus on what’s next, how this election will impact us, and whether or not the right decisions were made, we should not forget just how far the technologies have come and the power they provide for information gathering, sharing and collaboration.  I don’t know if there was any cloud computing behind the scenes, but a system that is used once every four years would be an ideal candidate for the clouds!

It also appears that a lot of Americans will soon be moving to Canada, if you can believe the Twitter postings!

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  • Bruce Stewart

    I chose to sit out the television coverage (even Internet-delivered) this time around and simply use the various networks’ websites to check in on results every 1/2 hour or so, so I missed the studio wizardry. On the other hand, I managed to completely avoid the vapid hosts (I heard Wolf Blitzer actually said he was “surprised” at Montana going to Romney … c’mon, man, I know it’s tiring working for hours but that was really an unbelievable comment!) and the inane “panels” that make up election night coverage everywhere these days.