Facebook: Looks Like Google +

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Facebook announced a refresh to its news feed with much fanfare…..

…and the initial impressions are that it looks much like Google+.

Current Google+

New Facebook Looks Like Google+











Most similar to the new Facebook News Feed is the toolbar. Google+ has about 8 items on the list. More options are available by clicking on the … icon.

On Google+, Local remains somewhat weak, and needs more user input and integration with friends to be of greater value. Having created a Google+ circle of imported Facebook friends, users from this circle are not differentiated from other circles.

Facebook New News Feed

Facebook New News Feed

Facebook New News Feed








Image Source: Engadget

As reported on the verge:

“What we’re trying to do is give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper,” Mark Zuckerberg said, before showcasing the social network’s revamped main product: an organized, sortable feed of every type of content from your friends and favorite content producers.

Facebook recognizes that to dominate the social network space once and for all, it cannot have users defecting to other sites. The site must remain the “go-to” and to be the first place to be at, to get the newest information.

The Takeaway

Much like Facebook Graph Search, News Feed relies on content. The updates do nothing to stem the decline in content. Users are simply getting bored.

The stickiness is still there for Facebook. The site will continue to grow its user base and will have the stickiness for family and closer friends to keep in touch. The refreshed News Feed also subdivides content into sound, audio-video, and photos. It is an extra step for users.

Competition will just keep growing. Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and twitter, by staying nimble and focused, will pose a challenge for Facebook. Search Giant Google+ is barely 2 years old and will eventually figure out a way to boost Hangouts as the killer app that makes G+ an even more compelling site to keep users on.

Chris Lau Chris Lau (88 Posts)

  • http://twitter.com/JasonWagner1993 Jason Wagner

    I read about this on Mashable. It’s definitely suspect.

  • http://twitter.com/USAFA_93 Christopher Sandys

    That’s a great observation – It DOES look just like Google +

  • http://twitter.com/rob_is_it Rob Tee

    Interesting, because also G+ just changed their layout a bit too. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/tab.pierce Tab Pierce

    Yup…Google Plus

  • http://twitter.com/chrispycrunch Chris Lau

    The updated toolbar also looks like Ubuntu Unity.

  • Bruce Stewart

    Comment chains are down. Original content is down. Time spent is going down. All this fiddling isn’t going to do much to solve those very basic problems (especially for a public company with a single product, like Facebook).

  • http://twitter.com/meetropool Ulrich Kiefer | 宋 可富

    As a result of the losses from investors’ FB shares its influence seems to weaken steadily.

  • Nili M.

    Pinterest is doing a similar remix – removing borders on pix. It’s all about stream real estate, esp. geared to mobile. We’ll see.

  • Bruce Stewart

    And once again mobile doesn’t do any of this. I think I’m on the Facebook website three times a week, if that, whereas I’m in their Fb mobile app five to eight times a day. (Same for G+, by the way.)

    Same old, same old on mobile for both means “I don’t care”.