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Bruce Stewart is a 39 year veteran of IT management and above. He is an executive advisor serving CIOs and senior executives in areas of governance, strategy, complex architectural transitions, portfolio yield and value generation.

Making architecture work more quickly

I talk to a lot of business-side people, far more than I do people in the IT group, actually. When I do, I always ask them for their impressions of their enterprise’s IT. These days, the number one complaint isn’t … Continue reading

Is Blackberry succeeding or failing?

Canadians, their minds filled with the sorry sagas of Nortel, Corel, and other Canadian technology companies that shone brightly only to crash to earth, are prepared for the inevitable dénouement of Blackberry. “Just more proof we can’t succeed.” Well, stuff … Continue reading

Governing the “brought your own” and “bought your own” enterprise

If you’re reading the business press this summer, you’ve probably noticed the number of articles emerging about how “bring your own device” is coming to an end, since it costs too much to support. Let’s leave the puff pieces for … Continue reading

When no vendor sets the fundamentals for you

In the comments in recent weeks here on the Blogosphere, there’s been a recurring theme of the notion of the gorilla that’s been discussed. Gorillas are an idea from the 1990s that came from the work of Geoffrey A. Moore. … Continue reading

Will IT return to writing code?

When I started out in the IT industry back in the 1970s, developers wrote code. Lots of it. Packages didn’t exist. If you wanted a function performed in an application, you created it. In the earliest days of IT — … Continue reading

The IT doldrums and their opportunities

If you look back on the history of information technology, you’ll see that it’s composed of two basic types of period. There are times when one approach to computing drives one vendor into a leadership role. Think IBM after the … Continue reading

Email had better be at the top of your disaster recovery list

What’s on your disaster recovery list? If you’re like most organizations, even today, what’s to be recovered in the event of an emergency is a subset of your operations. That’s a foolish move right from the get go. Most organizations’ … Continue reading

Governance Boards are essential to a “choose your own” world

Moving ever deeper into “bring your own device”? Are user areas buying cloud services directly? Are users commissioning their own smartphone apps, or packaged solutions, with their business analysts starting to be mini-IT group heads? Your enterprise desperately needs a … Continue reading

Being a CIO when the users do everything themselves

If all the decisions about what IT solutions will be used are being made by the users, is there a need for a CIO? Paradoxically, the answer is yes. CIOs become more essential, not less, even as the central IT … Continue reading

“It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”

“Everyone” knows the future of the smartphone market. It’s Android, Android and more Android, right? Wrong. A market that was headed that way, has been turned around and made an open battleground with Blackberry’s superb 10-series of products. Last year … Continue reading

Email deletion in Ontario shows why everyone needs to rethink policy

The Ontario Government has been rocked recently with the revelation that key member of the former Premier’s staff consciously deleted relevant emails that should have been made available to the legislative committee investigating a key decision (this concerns the gas … Continue reading

Will the CIO survive the era of smart users?

Before this morning, if you’d asked me what the future of the Chief Information Officer was, I’d have responded “bright, although challenging”, or something to that effect. Yes, there are big changes going on in the role of IT, and … Continue reading

Real security (as opposed to that theatre stuff)

Any of us who fly regularly know what security theatre looks like. It’s removing your shoes, removing your computer, not carrying liquids in amounts over 100 ml, and a host of other nonsense designed to look like each of the … Continue reading

Getting value from Enterprise Architecture now

There are two concepts that underlie IT that have nothing to do with technology itself. These are the notion of long waves of time in which the consolidation-distribution (or centralization-decentralization) pendulum swings, and the shorter waves of time which indicate … Continue reading

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