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Windows RT Is Not Going Away

Windows RT is being chalked up as a failure: high advertising spend relative to sales means Microsoft is taking a loss to build its market share. Despite industry howling the end of Windows RT, this is unlikely to happen for … Continue reading

Microsoft's Tentacles

Microsoft is its organization chart in an attempt to be “One Microsoft all the time.” Don Sheppard noted that Microsoft is transforming the organization. The company is moving from a divisional structure to a functional one. This would benefit the … Continue reading

The Cost of Being an Early Adopter

Blackberry said during its quarterly earnings conference call last week that it would backtrack on its plans to make the Playbook tablet upgradeable to Blackberry 10. The decision will likely prove to be a costly one in the short-term for … Continue reading

A Look at Apple’s Challenges Ahead

Source: Geek Humor Similar to previous Apple WWDC events, the anticipation for updates to Apple’s computing ecosystem was high. As summarized here, Apple announced iOS7, iRadio, and improvements to the iCloud system. The Mac line-up was also updated. As joked … Continue reading

Innovation Highlights at Google I/O 2013

When Google kicked of the I/O 2013 in San Francisco On May 15, 2013, the hope was high that the next generation version of Android (version 4.3) would be announced. The company highlighted the dominance of the mobile ecosystem, noting … Continue reading

Facebook is Lost

Facebook appears to be lost. The company has its sights set on growing in the mobile space, but is having challenges in execution. Waze Acquisition Facebook recognizes the importance of mapping, and wants to acquire Waze. Waze makes software that … Continue reading

Why Twitter Rules the World (and Why Intrusion Prevention is so Important)

A hacking into the account of the twitter account of Associated Press caused stock markets to drop temporarily. The fake tweet claimed an explosion injured the U.S. President. On April 23, after the tweets were posted, accounts that trade stocks … Continue reading

Social Networks by Popularity

Google Plus Daily published some traffic and opinion figures that illustrates what we already know. Facebook activity is declining, while Google+ is picking up. Users should be aware that the site could have some bias over Google, but what site … Continue reading

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