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I'm a Blogging Idol enthusiast who also does consulting for a living. I began my career as a railway data communications engineer. After working for a bank for 7 years, I took up the consulting challenge and I still find it challenging! I try to keep in touch with a lot of different I&IT topics but I'm usually working in areas that involve service management and procurement. I'm back into ISO standards development - in the area of cloud computing (ISO JTC1/SC38). I'm starting to get more interested in networking history, so I guess I'm starting to look backwards as well as forwards! My homepage is

Complexity, Completeness and Containment

As an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) manager, many of your concerns will be centred in three basic areas: Reducing complexity – trying to keep things simple both for delivering solutions and for managing operations Assuring completeness – establishing complete … Continue reading

Multiple-valued Logic

How many of you have heard of Multiple-Valued Logic? We generally think that everything digital is binary, which is to say, made up of 1′s and 0′s.  The idea that computers work in binary mode is pretty much a given. … Continue reading

Microsoft's Re-organization – The Power of One

Microsoft announced a major re-organization on July 11, 2013 that has all the experts busy making  assessments and predicting the future for IT.  Needless to say, like the stock market, there are bulls and bears. The memo from Steve Ballmer … Continue reading

A List of Possibilities……

In Toronto the weather has recently been quite warm and muggy……it’s not the right time for deep thought and innovative writing (at least not for me!).  So, I’m going to make a “top ten” list of thoughts about Information Technology, … Continue reading

First Reactions to iOS7

Just a short note to say I was pretty impressed with what I saw from the Apple WWDC announcements today. The new iOS7 looks pretty interesting with a lot of changes that will make it look like a new experience … Continue reading

The Future of IT

I’ve always wondered how people predict the future of Information Technology.  It’s certainly needed! After all, manufacturer’s need to deliver products when they are wanted!  IT managers in companies need to deliver solutions when their business users need them! I’ve … Continue reading

Have We Given Up on Apple?

Apple has been in the news recently due to the announcement of their second quarter earnings report.  Apparently the results met analyst expectations and yet there have been various news articles – some positive but some also predicting future doom … Continue reading

How Well Do You Know Your Network?

Your network infrastructure has most likely become business critical.  Ask yourself – what would happen to my business if the internal network and the Internet were both unavailable for an extended period of time? Networks provide the “glue” to interconnect … Continue reading

The Cloudy Meaning of Service

The word “service” is everywhere these days….to a point where it’s becoming a disservice to use it! Recently, while preparing Canadian comments on the emerging ISO/ITU reference architecture for cloud computing, I had to stop and ask myself the question … Continue reading

Wifi Fridge

Fifty years ago this blog’s title would have been pretty meaningless to most people, including me.  Today it clearly means a very small hand held refrigerator that can communicate over the Internet and would fit into your pocket, right? Well, its … Continue reading

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