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Could Freeware Really Replace Enterprise Software?

Rumors circulated on March 26 2013 that PayPal and EBay could replace VMware with OpenStack. PayPal may use around 10,000 servers to support VMware. The rumor originated from an OpenStack consultancy, so the extra attention for the open source software … Continue reading

Can you find records when you need to?

If you’ve read the news throughout the last ten years or so, you may have come across one or more stories that turned on the question of finding information. There was the Basi-Virk, or BC Rail, case in the Government … Continue reading

Google(+) vs Facebook, Once Again

Following up on this post comparing Google+ and Facebook for businesses, Engadget mentioned comments by Larry Page in a Wired interview. Page acknowledged that Facebook owns social (not his words), but that Facebook is doing a “really bad job” with its … Continue reading

If you had big data, would you really use it?

Chief Information Officers brought to IT from the business are generally thought to have “gone native” within six to nine months of taking up their post. (At the same time, they’re nowhere near having acquired the respect of the IT … Continue reading

US Election – CNN News Coverage

I was watching the coverage of the US Presidential election on TV last night, and presumably many (or most) of you were too.  I flipped channels for a while but eventually settled on the CNN broadcast. I have to admit … Continue reading

Building block architectures

What, at the end of the day, is the promise of cloud computing? Simplicity. What the cloud promises is information power without worrying about the mechanics of delivering it. Much like your home — you replace the old television with … Continue reading

You wouldn’t download a car. But you COULD deduplicate a person!

Physics Professor Albert Bartlett is famous for arguing that one of the main reasons that societies are unable to deal with sustainability crises is that the human brain hasn’t evolved an effective mechanism for intuitively visualizing and understanding exponential growth. … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing is about influencers, not buyers

Well, the marketing department has requested, and you got the job. “Build us something that taps into all that social data out there and lets us sell more. By next Tuesday, eh?” What are you going to design into such … Continue reading

Social media marketing is more intrusion the way it’s done

Facebook. Google+. Twitter. Pinterest. LinkedIn. These, and many more of the specialized social media networks that are out there, all have a challenge. Monetizing that mass of data buried in the social graph. Certainly there’s no shortage of firms waiting … Continue reading

Is “Design Inversion” The Next Growth Area For Big Data?

The Big Data age is now upon us. And 100 years from now, our time will be remembered as the “golden age” of statistical analysis. At no other time in history have we had access to such enormous amounts of … Continue reading

Closing thoughts from this year’s postings

This was my first year taking part in Blogging Idol, and I’m glad I did so. Winning is not what matters to me. The opportunity to put my thoughts in some degree of order about the issues, on the other … Continue reading