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Windows RT Is Not Going Away

Windows RT is being chalked up as a failure: high advertising spend relative to sales means Microsoft is taking a loss to build its market share. Despite industry howling the end of Windows RT, this is unlikely to happen for … Continue reading

First Reactions to iOS7

Just a short note to say I was pretty impressed with what I saw from the Apple WWDC announcements today. The new iOS7 looks pretty interesting with a lot of changes that will make it look like a new experience … Continue reading

Social Networks by Popularity

Google Plus Daily published some traffic and opinion figures that illustrates what we already know. Facebook activity is declining, while Google+ is picking up. Users should be aware that the site could have some bias over Google, but what site … Continue reading

Google Commits Strategic Error: Here are the Alternatives

Last night, Google posted a pop-up message to Google Reader users informing users that Reader will no longer be available. The move is not entirely surprising: iGoogle was canceled, despite being the best start page for users. In what users … Continue reading

Why CIO Canada became CanadianCIO

It probably seems easy to switch a name around, but there was a lot more thought than that put into the new brand for senior IT decision makers which was finally launched with our first digital issue earlier this week. … Continue reading

Starting a New iPhone Wish List

Ok, everyone out there.  Let’s get the wish lists for the next iPhone going…… It seem unanimous that the iPhone 5 didn’t provide anything very amazing.  I was reading which was posted Sep 12 2012, 03:16 PM by Paolo Del … Continue reading

YOLO: Read Many, Write Many More

Don Sheppard’s post about community is a subtle invitation for technologists and IT Professionals, and technophiles to comment and to even post on Blog Idol. Actively signing up (it’s free!) to either post or comment requires relatively more effort now, … Continue reading

A great time last night … why not join us?

Last night was the gathering held to celebrate this year’s Blogging Idol. I had a great time. It was a real treat to meet people whose posts I’d admired and commented on in person and start the process of getting … Continue reading