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How should IT professionals respond to the pressure to allow users to bring their own technology into the enterprise? What are the benefits? What are the risks? And what are the hottest gadgets?

Governing the “brought your own” and “bought your own” enterprise

If you’re reading the business press this summer, you’ve probably noticed the number of articles emerging about how “bring your own device” is coming to an end, since it costs too much to support. Let’s leave the puff pieces for … Continue reading

The Cost of Being an Early Adopter

Blackberry said during its quarterly earnings conference call last week that it would backtrack on its plans to make the Playbook tablet upgradeable to Blackberry 10. The decision will likely prove to be a costly one in the short-term for … Continue reading

“It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”

“Everyone” knows the future of the smartphone market. It’s Android, Android and more Android, right? Wrong. A market that was headed that way, has been turned around and made an open battleground with Blackberry’s superb 10-series of products. Last year … Continue reading

First Reactions to iOS7

Just a short note to say I was pretty impressed with what I saw from the Apple WWDC announcements today. The new iOS7 looks pretty interesting with a lot of changes that will make it look like a new experience … Continue reading

Real security (as opposed to that theatre stuff)

Any of us who fly regularly know what security theatre looks like. It’s removing your shoes, removing your computer, not carrying liquids in amounts over 100 ml, and a host of other nonsense designed to look like each of the … Continue reading

Fanboi-ism won’t save maxed-out phones

There are Apple fanbois. And there are Android fanbois, mostly around the Samsung Galaxy. Don’t get me wrong, both the iPhone and the Galaxy are good devices. But they’re also both maxed out. Several years ago I conducted research into … Continue reading

“Bring your own applications” the next shoe to drop

If you did a public opinion poll in enterprises on the subject of “bring your own device”, you’d find two very different results. Users, by and large, are in favour. IT professionals, by and large, are not. (Of course, when … Continue reading

Blackberry’s Z10 selling well in first month

It’s not generally available yet in the American market. Basically, to this point, Canadians, British and some Asian customers have access to Blackberry’s new Z10 touch smartphone. But it’s been selling well: 800,000 activations in the first month, with limited … Continue reading