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The IT doldrums and their opportunities

If you look back on the history of information technology, you’ll see that it’s composed of two basic types of period. There are times when one approach to computing drives one vendor into a leadership role. Think IBM after the … Continue reading

Will the CIO survive the era of smart users?

Before this morning, if you’d asked me what the future of the Chief Information Officer was, I’d have responded “bright, although challenging”, or something to that effect. Yes, there are big changes going on in the role of IT, and … Continue reading

A third CIO path is emerging

If you look back a decade ago, when META Group Executive Directions analysts were mining the implications of their credibility-dependency matrices and Vivaldi Advisory founder Bruce Rogow was talking about long marches once the cleanup was done, it was clear … Continue reading

Is there anything exciting going on?

The technology game goes through waves. Some periods are filled with innovations; others, it seems fairly quiet. Right now it’s one of the quiet periods. The core models for getting work done are established. Public cloud, private cloud, server farm. … Continue reading

RBC’s in-house offshoring exposes a long-standing practice

Outsourcing of people, offshoring of functions. None of these is new. No one much bothered to make a big fuss about any of them, though. The affected employees here in Canada tarted up their résumés and eventually found something else. … Continue reading

The CDO isn’t the answer, the CIO is

Monday, Shane Schick posted his rebuttal to Gartner’s attempt to push the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) meme into the IT landscape, “The CIO will outlast all this CDO stupidity”. I couldn’t agree more. Moreover, let me put it as bluntly … Continue reading

Enterprise IT has to add value

Most people in enterprise IT work don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how start ups handle their IT needs. They should. Start up companies are the canaries in the coal mine giving early warning of changes ahead. Remember, … Continue reading