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Governing the “brought your own” and “bought your own” enterprise

If you’re reading the business press this summer, you’ve probably noticed the number of articles emerging about how “bring your own device” is coming to an end, since it costs too much to support. Let’s leave the puff pieces for … Continue reading

Microsoft's Tentacles

Microsoft is its organization chart in an attempt to be “One Microsoft all the time.” Don Sheppard noted that Microsoft is transforming the organization. The company is moving from a divisional structure to a functional one. This would benefit the … Continue reading

First Reactions to iOS7

Just a short note to say I was pretty impressed with what I saw from the Apple WWDC announcements today. The new iOS7 looks pretty interesting with a lot of changes that will make it look like a new experience … Continue reading

Real security (as opposed to that theatre stuff)

Any of us who fly regularly know what security theatre looks like. It’s removing your shoes, removing your computer, not carrying liquids in amounts over 100 ml, and a host of other nonsense designed to look like each of the … Continue reading

Innovation Highlights at Google I/O 2013

When Google kicked of the I/O 2013 in San Francisco On May 15, 2013, the hope was high that the next generation version of Android (version 4.3) would be announced. The company highlighted the dominance of the mobile ecosystem, noting … Continue reading

Could Freeware Really Replace Enterprise Software?

Rumors circulated on March 26 2013 that PayPal and EBay could replace VMware with OpenStack. PayPal may use around 10,000 servers to support VMware. The rumor originated from an OpenStack consultancy, so the extra attention for the open source software … Continue reading

Getting to a resilient IT future

In an ideal IT world, nothing would ever apparently fail. No matter what’s happening, everything would always be working. Changes would just flow into place (and could be backed out just as easily). Sounds impossible. If you use Amazon, Facebook, … Continue reading

How Well Do You Know Your Network?

Your network infrastructure has most likely become business critical.  Ask yourself – what would happen to my business if the internal network and the Internet were both unavailable for an extended period of time? Networks provide the “glue” to interconnect … Continue reading

Enterprise IT has to add value

Most people in enterprise IT work don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how start ups handle their IT needs. They should. Start up companies are the canaries in the coal mine giving early warning of changes ahead. Remember, … Continue reading

The Cloudy Meaning of Service

The word “service” is everywhere these days….to a point where it’s becoming a disservice to use it! Recently, while preparing Canadian comments on the emerging ISO/ITU reference architecture for cloud computing, I had to stop and ask myself the question … Continue reading

What if the cloud is oversold?

IT folk tend not to look at technology choices the way, say, a market speculator would. That’s not a bad thing, by the way, it’s a generally good thing. However, market manoeuvres do have an effect on what comes to … Continue reading

Google(+) vs Facebook, Once Again

Following up on this post comparing Google+ and Facebook for businesses, Engadget mentioned comments by Larry Page in a Wired interview. Page acknowledged that Facebook owns social (not his words), but that Facebook is doing a “really bad job” with its … Continue reading