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Microsoft's Tentacles

Microsoft is its organization chart in an attempt to be “One Microsoft all the time.” Don Sheppard noted that Microsoft is transforming the organization. The company is moving from a divisional structure to a functional one. This would benefit the … Continue reading

Innovation Highlights at Google I/O 2013

When Google kicked of the I/O 2013 in San Francisco On May 15, 2013, the hope was high that the next generation version of Android (version 4.3) would be announced. The company highlighted the dominance of the mobile ecosystem, noting … Continue reading

Facebook is Lost

Facebook appears to be lost. The company has its sights set on growing in the mobile space, but is having challenges in execution. Waze Acquisition Facebook recognizes the importance of mapping, and wants to acquire Waze. Waze makes software that … Continue reading

Differentiation and Commodities

Since 2009, when Chief Executive Officers are surveyed about what they want from their IT groups, the same answer has topped the list. Generate new value. Translated from the language of the executive suite, what this means is that they’re … Continue reading

This may seem like small potatoes

In IT, we get used to thinking of our initiatives as big. Projects take time. Infrastructure change is complex. Many IT organizations overlook, therefore, the opportunities they have to make a difference with small things. This may seem like small … Continue reading

Java Security Issue

Recently there has been quite a bit of news about the recent discovery of security issues with Java. For example, Toronto’s Globe and Mail reported on it here. Then, there were articles reporting on the fact that Oracle had issued … Continue reading

Want results? Apply Pareto’s Law

Organizations are consumed with “getting it right”, to the point of being immobilized sometimes by their own perfectionism. Let’s not contest the fact that, in some industries and in some activities in every industry, there is a need for six … Continue reading

Bringing beauty to bear to create value

There’s a big problem with technology, and it’s one that CEOs are grappling for a way to express their demand that it change. It’s driving value generation. As Nicholas Carr pointed out (Does IT Matter?, The Big Switch, The Shallows), … Continue reading

Enterprise IT doesn’t need to fall further behind personal IT

For the past decade the technology available in the enterprise has fallen behind the technology people use personally (at home and while out and about). Few organizations build smartphone apps to access their corporate resources. Few code user interfaces with … Continue reading