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Microsoft's Tentacles

Microsoft is its organization chart in an attempt to be “One Microsoft all the time.” Don Sheppard noted that Microsoft is transforming the organization. The company is moving from a divisional structure to a functional one. This would benefit the … Continue reading

Innovation Highlights at Google I/O 2013

When Google kicked of the I/O 2013 in San Francisco On May 15, 2013, the hope was high that the next generation version of Android (version 4.3) would be announced. The company highlighted the dominance of the mobile ecosystem, noting … Continue reading

The Future of IT

I’ve always wondered how people predict the future of Information Technology.  It’s certainly needed! After all, manufacturer’s need to deliver products when they are wanted!  IT managers in companies need to deliver solutions when their business users need them! I’ve … Continue reading

Desktop PC Needs These Two Things in 2013

Much hype and excitement was generated in the latter-half of 2012 for a revival in personal computers. When Windows 8 was released, it turned out that initial sales of the updated operating systems trailed Windows 7. It even trailed Vista, … Continue reading

Samsung Wins Best-Selling Smartphone Title

In 2010, Research in Motion’s Blackberry was still the number one smartphone in the United States. The company had 43% of the market. Apple had 25.1% of the market, while Microsoft had 15.7% and Google had just 7.1%. At the … Continue reading

YOLO: Read Many, Write Many More

Don Sheppard’s post about community is a subtle invitation for technologists and IT Professionals, and technophiles to comment and to even post on Blog Idol. Actively signing up (it’s free!) to either post or comment requires relatively more effort now, … Continue reading

Closing thoughts from this year’s postings

This was my first year taking part in Blogging Idol, and I’m glad I did so. Winning is not what matters to me. The opportunity to put my thoughts in some degree of order about the issues, on the other … Continue reading

Why IT Careers are Changing

The shift from in-house applications to packages, and the growing number of external service providers in the typical IT mix, have created one major shift in IT careers over the past twenty years. Going into the 1990s, we were heavy … Continue reading

The IT Career “Lifecycle”

When I think about it, most IT careers exhibit a distinct ”lifecycle.”  One of the things anyone starting out in IT should do is examine that lifecycle and adapt it to their own circumstances.  I haven’t even googled this to see how many … Continue reading