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Ontario Canada

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I have been working in IT, in a variety of roles, since 1983. In the 80's I worked for companies like Apple as a networking "expert", researching new tech. and liaising with firms like Nortel and AT&T. Over the years, I also developed and delivered some 150 IT courses for various post secondary institutions and multi-national companies with (at least) some 65,000 students attending just those that I taught. Now I am a consultant and most of my work involves InfoSec planning, enterprise technology architecture development and IT strategy (with the occasional bit of writing on the side ;-). I used to say "the technology is not the hard part" and its true. So, I work within IT, but I tend to zero in on the human issues and in fact that is what really drives me. I see IT as something which can and does offer positive change for humanity - as long as we remember that human beings are at the root of what we do. I intend to expand on some of this in my posts and I am really hoping to engage in some interesting dialogue as a result. So, please reach out and comment! Also, I have started (and plan to expand) a new project (with Scott Wright) a new site and podcast called Security, Eh? Check it out as it is fleshed out over the summer at Barton

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Bruce Stewart is a 39 year veteran of IT management and above. He is an executive advisor serving CIOs and senior executives in areas of governance, strategy, complex architectural transitions, portfolio yield and value generation.

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Brian Bloom is a staff writer at ComputerWorld Canada.He covers enterprise hardware and software, information architecture and security topics. « Read Posts

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An educationists. work with the state ministry of education. A mentor and motivational speaker. AND LOVE TO IMPART LIFE POSITIVELY.

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CEO of Valt.X Technologies developing software and semiconductor based endpoint computer absolute security solutions and Multi-OS - cyber secure PC's, Notebooks and Tablets.

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I'm a Blogging Idol enthusiast who also does consulting for a living. I began my career as a railway data communications engineer. After working for a bank for 7 years, I took up the consulting challenge and I still find it challenging! I try to keep in touch with a lot of different I&IT topics but I'm usually working in areas that involve service management and procurement. I'm back into ISO standards development - in the area of cloud computing (ISO JTC1/SC38). I'm starting to get more interested in networking history, so I guess I'm starting to look backwards as well as forwards! My homepage is

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Dave Webb is a journalist of 20 years experience in newspapers and magazines. He has followed technology exclusively since 1998 and was the winner of the Andersen Consulting Award for Excellence in Business Journalism in the eEconomy category in 2000. (The category was eliminated in 2001, leaving Webb as the only winner ever.)

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​​Eval‐Source is a consulting firm that provides enterprise software evaluation and strategic technology consulting services. Technology and Business strategy go hand-in-hand and Eval-Source helps organizations align the right technology to their business. We are an industry leader in the analysis of enterprise software technology and our thought leadership has placed us in the elite of consulting/analyst firms. What sets us apart is our unbiased best in class consultative approach that provides our clients with value, direction and success in selection and planning of their technology systems. We understand technology from every aspect that can affect your business.

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Honours degrees in Physics and Documentary Production 48 yrs experience in Information Technology Company is a founding member of the goUBL commercial ecosystem « Read Posts « Read Posts « Read Posts

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A young lad in is early 20s,An undergraute,A web designer and A multi-talented computer operator « Read Posts

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Degrees in Physics, Documentary Production. In Information Technology since 1965. In General markup languages since 1993. In Film projects since 2007. In Documentary Production since 2008. Follow my adventures at Hugh's World

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I have over 15 years IT market experience managing products, performing qualitative and quantitative market analysis, developing new business and partnerships, and creating business/product strategies. My experiences vary from Microsoft to IDC where I have enjoyed the challenge of working with industrious and smart people both from a vendor, consultant, and customer perspective. « Read Posts

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I'm a Vice President at Pemeco Consulting. As an ERP selection consultant, I draw upon my previous experience as a lawyer to help my firm's clients negotiate the right deal. In 2012, I'll be giving an advanced MBA course on information systems design at the Schulich School of Business at York University.

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While I'm currently the CIO for Appleby College in Oakville (the best IT job in Canada), I've had a great ride in a number of positions in various locations. I've lead a team of more than 100 staff at Sheridan supporting a constituency of 50,000 users, I've been part of the founding team building a brand new medical school in Northern Ontario based completely around distributed education, I've started 3 companies, consulted internationally, drove my gorgeous wife crazy moving around all over, raised 2-1/2 great kids (I'll round it up when the final one leaves home), and occasionally scratch the ear of our butt ugly dog. My craft is not IT, but building IT organizations that support challenging and new ways to do things. I am utterly convinced that we as IT leadership need to dramatically change how IT is delivered, before we get relegated to a costly overhead department. In the midst of all this fun, I've had the distinction of being awarded the inaugural 2010 IT Leader of the Year (SME) Award from Computerworld Canada for my work at Appleby College. I'm humbled by the honor and thankful that some of my ideas actually make sense to someone. « Read Posts « Read Posts

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Maurice has extensive experience in IT and technology, and views IT from a strategic/business perspective. « Read Posts

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Michael has delivered wide organizational change in the areas of IT Service Management and IT Governance through his consulting work as a Project Manager, Process Specialist, ITIL Software Trainer, and Mind Manager Enthusiast. Michael is currently leading projects that are optimizing IT data centres, improving IT operational processes and building "IT knowledge" inventories.

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Michel Labelle is IT director for Global Container Terminals. He has over 20 years of industry and consulting experience at various organizations. Prior to this position, Labelle served as director of infrastructure technology with TSI Terminal Systems Inc, where he was responsible for the IT operations, infrastructure and support teams. His duties included the ongoing management of server, network, and voice and data communication activities. With a background in IT risk management and IT forensics or multiple organizations, including Auditor General of Canada and Transport Canada, Labelle brings a rounded approach to IT operations. Labelle has served on the federal Canadian Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee and is active in promoting digital civil liberties. A regular contributor to IT World Canada and other industry publications, he has written for MacWorld, IT Architect, Network World and Network Magazine, and has been a featured speaker at VMWorld, IP4IT and the MISA conference. He trained at Heritage College in computer science with qualifications in project management, systems design, and voice/data communications systems deployment.

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Hello, My name is Mitil Patel.

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20+ Years in the IT field with work ranging from field work to Post Secondary Instruction to Manager of IT in a public school system. Retirement from my current position opens up the possibility of new adventures so have recently started up a new online IT business with my daughter. Looking forward to continued work in this exciting field.


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Melody McKinnon holds 52 certifications in business, marketing, writing, nutrition, biochemistry & general sciences. She works as a Netpreneur, Marketer, Design Editor, Community Manager, Freelance Writer, Blogger and Ghost Blogger. Melody also produces her own line of natural fish food. Find her blogging on: Canadians Internet Business All Natural Pet Care Petfood Industry Magazine

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Information Technology executive that see's technology as a tool, not an end game. Able to take broad view on technology and it's impact to business. Not afraid to push the envelope when it makes sense, does not seek to be bleeding edge for the sake of technology.

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I started blogging when I was 15. Writing is something I do love and is a passion. My blogs are my personal opinion and have everyday inspiration and thoughts. Hope you enjoy! Happy Reading! :* If I didn't blog I would be reading them allllllll day - fact!

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Pedro Cardoso is an accomplished senior IT leader, six sigma practitioner, project manager and programmer with expertise in areas including Business Process Improvement, Business Intelligence and ERP. His unique combination of technical, business and organizational savvy allows him to write on a broad range of topics ranging from the latest shiny new consumer gadget to what might be keeping your CIO up at night. Pedro is passionate about innovation and the role IT must play in enabling growth and providing expertise in the areas of Continuous Improvement and Change Management. When away from IT World Canada, you can find Pedro active on many sites across the web, including Linked In And Twitter! Engage him today! Read more: or visit for more Canadian IT News

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Ron Van Holst Ron Van Holst « Read Posts

Ron is the founder of High Performance Computing Insights Canada and Director, Research Development, HIgh Performance Computing at Ontario Centres of Excellence. He is an electrical engineer with nearly three decades of experience in the development and management of telecommunications and High Performance Computing (HPC) products and services. His passion is to see HPC technology employed to make Canadian enterprises more globally competitive.

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Salim gadafi is my name am from the northern part of ghana wich is tamale,am a young boy of 25years of age,a senior high school graduate, i like foot ball best of all sports,also am good in playing it. « Read Posts

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I've been seeking out and hoping to develop and share interesting stories, social impacts, and business applications for a wide variety of technologies...

Seema Noushad « Read Posts

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ShaneSchick ShaneSchick « Read Posts

Shane Schick is a writer, editor and speaker who helps people create value with information technology. As Editor-at-Large with IT World Canada, Shane recently oversaw the launch of, a new brand that empowers senior IT decision-makers through articles, videos, events, social media and a cloud-based sourcing platform. Shane was previously IT World Canada’s Vice-President, Content & Community (Editor-in-Chief), leading a digital-first strategy that included a transition from print publications to online portals and magazines. Shane regularly speaks to CIOs and IT managers at events across Canada about how they can contribute to organizational success, and comments on technology trends as a guest on CBC, BNN, CTV and other programs. A former columnist with the Globe and Mail, Shane has been recognized for journalistic excellence by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance and the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

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Tech junkie and philosophe,

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Patrick is a technical writer with Storagepipe Solutions. Storagepipe is a leading Canadian provider of data protection, high availability, and managed backup services. « Read Posts

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I am a translator and a technical writer. I have published several book translations (Margaret Atwood's "The Year of the Flood", to name just one) into Russian. I also do technical translations (IT-related, mostly, as I have been in software development for 15 years), provide SR&ED consulting (in cooperation with SRED Unlimited) and write technical documentation. I have a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Moscow State University, an MCAD certification, and several certificates: one in Technical Writing from YorkU and two from U of T SCS (in Financial Management and in Enterprise Risk Management). I am currently working on the Russian translation of "Someone comes to town..." by Cory Doctorow (under Creative Commons license) and on "The Cornish Trilogy" by Robertson Davies, a Canadian classic. *** My page on English - Russian Translator *** My profile on LinkedIn *** My business websites: *** Translation Services (English - Russian) *** SR&ED Consulting *** My LJ (in Russian) *** My Twitter (personal): @TaniaSam *** My Twitter (business): @SRED4you

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Tina works as a web designer and front-end developer and is the headwoman of Toronto-based indy web design company Tinacious Design. Tina specializes in content management, responsive design, and designing for accessibility.

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