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What “everyone knows” isn’t necessarily so

Two companies exemplify one of the challenges for IT professionals trying to sort out information about market potential. In both cases, a great deal of the information that’s out there right now is actually driven by the stock market — … Continue reading

10 Reasons Blackberry 10 Will Help RIM Survive 2013

Sentiment for Research in Motion is shifting. After reaching a multi-year low just two-months ago in late-September, RIM responded to market naysayers by reporting a growth in users. In its last quarter, RIM grew its user base to 80 million … Continue reading

LTE To Bring Mobile Cloud Computing to the Mainstream

Cloud computing was summarized as requiring standards and best practices, and will play a central role in major areas of computing that includes pay-as-you-go billing and large-scale services. What will drive its adoption further, especially in the mobile space?  After all, … Continue reading

If Facebook Wants to Go Mobile, Here’s the Chance

With the rapid demise of RIM in the news and rumors of Facebook wanting to create its own mobile handset, it may be the perfect time for Facebook to buy RIM. There are several reasons why an acquisition like this … Continue reading

Shameless tagging

It’s hard to watch a movie by Stephen Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, or starring Brad Pitt, J-Lo, or even (gasp) Justin Bieber without seeing product placements from companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike, RIM, Dell, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and others. On screen stars are … Continue reading