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What “everyone knows” isn’t necessarily so

Two companies exemplify one of the challenges for IT professionals trying to sort out information about market potential. In both cases, a great deal of the information that’s out there right now is actually driven by the stock market — … Continue reading

Verdict on Blackberry 10

Last week, the post about a shift in technology could not have been better exemplified by the transition of Blackberry. When the mobile market shifted assuredly since the introduction of the Apple iPhone, Blackberry did not make the needed transition … Continue reading

Hello World 5.0: Blackberry is Still BYOD and Well

Welcome, new competitors, former champions and alumni, and readers on the 5th year of blogging idol. A shout-out goes out to Dave and the IT team of blogging idol for the re-design. On BYOD: Research in Motion’s decline is not … Continue reading