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Hewlett-Packard Revival Centred Around Cloud

Dropbox is one of the best-known examples of a cloud-based solution for consumers, its growth attributable not only from great service but from being an early entrant. Dropbox continues to grow exponentially, and cloud competitors are following suit. As noted … Continue reading

“Whether” Forecast: Cloudy Skies on the Horizon?

In a previous blog I postulated a conceptual model for a “cloud-based system” that looks like petals on a flower.  I introduced the idea of “cloud-based systems” to represent how a business solution can be assembled using multiple clouds.  Cloud-based … Continue reading

Cloud-based Systems – Are They Our Future?

Cloud computing is a general term that refers to systems that share certain basic characteristics – they are widely accessible, provide access on-demand, use pooled resources, allow for pay-as-you-go billing and are rapidly provisioned (these were first codified by the … Continue reading

How Acronyms Can Lead To IT Failure

In an effort to sell more software vendors have come up with innovative ways selling their new and improved solutions. Marketing departments come up with innovative ways to describe their products and services which are not always correct and sometimes … Continue reading