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Microsoft's Re-organization – The Power of One

Microsoft announced a major re-organization on July 11, 2013 that has all the experts busy making  assessments and predicting the future for IT.  Needless to say, like the stock market, there are bulls and bears. The memo from Steve Ballmer … Continue reading

Comparing Microsoft Hyper-V to VMWare

How many corporations are still running Windows 2000 or Windows 2003? Is there any incentive to upgrade each server to Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008, when centralizing the data centre and corporate server environment makes far more sense? Consolidating physical servers … Continue reading

LTE To Bring Mobile Cloud Computing to the Mainstream

Cloud computing was summarized as requiring standards and best practices, and will play a central role in major areas of computing that includes pay-as-you-go billing and large-scale services. What will drive its adoption further, especially in the mobile space?  After all, … Continue reading

Shameless tagging

It’s hard to watch a movie by Stephen Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, or starring Brad Pitt, J-Lo, or even (gasp) Justin Bieber without seeing product placements from companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike, RIM, Dell, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and others. On screen stars are … Continue reading