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Complexity, Completeness and Containment

As an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) manager, many of your concerns will be centred in three basic areas: Reducing complexity – trying to keep things simple both for delivering solutions and for managing operations Assuring completeness – establishing complete … Continue reading

Microsoft's Re-organization – The Power of One

Microsoft announced a major re-organization on July 11, 2013 that has all the experts busy making  assessments and predicting the future for IT.  Needless to say, like the stock market, there are bulls and bears. The memo from Steve Ballmer … Continue reading

If Facebook Wants to Go Mobile, Here’s the Chance

With the rapid demise of RIM in the news and rumors of Facebook wanting to create its own mobile handset, it may be the perfect time for Facebook to buy RIM. There are several reasons why an acquisition like this … Continue reading

Tech Bubble 2.0

One thing is certain in today’s economic climate: Internet traffic and users means instant and often over-valuation.  It is said those who ignore history and do not learn from it are destined to repeat it.  This picture of over-valuation for … Continue reading